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This site contains information about both electronic and pigment-based color theory. Emphasis is placed on exploratory exercises that allow the user to discover for themselves the theories and ideas introduced in each section.

This site is intended for the visual or graphic art student interested in color theory. It has been designed for professor Roger Mayer at Brown University, to be used in his Studio Foundation course, and it was created as a project for Computer Science 92: Educational Software, also at Brown University.

If this is your first time to the site, we recommend that you use the navigation arrows at the bottom of each page to travel through the site. The outline on the left contains only a breakdown of the main ideas of the site, but does not contain a link to every page within the site. This was done to make sure certain pages are read before others, thus ensuring you have been introduced to the concepts before you reach the exercises.

The contents of the site can be broken down into four main sections:

The Links page is included to provide a resource for those interested in further exploration of the concepts or people introduced within the text.

This site also contains our Project Documentation, with information about our testing results and an activity log that tracks the stages of the project's development over a semester. A link to a Bibliography of materials used as a reference for the text is included as well. The pages and applets at this site were created by: Jessica Armstrong, Jerry Charumilind, Ming-en Cho and Emily Lowenthal.

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