Goethe's Triangle Applet

To use the applet below, choose a color with the color chooser on the right, (either the RGB or HSL color chooser), and click on one of the vertices of the triangle. The triangle will re-color itself appropriately. The type of mixing being used is indicated by the text beneath each of the triangles. The smaller triangles beside the large triangle allow for comparison between the different mixing types. Click on the smaller triangles to bring those mixing types to the forefront.

The following applet allows you to test your color-mixing skills. Colors are choosen randomly for the three vertex triangles, and it is your job to use the color chooser to select and place colors in the secondary and tertiary triangles by clicking. The 'See Actual' button allows you to see what the true additive mixes are, and you can press the 'New Colors' button to keep playing. You can also use the list box to pick the type of mixing you would like to try to emulate. Good luck!

Color Mixing Color Contrast