Lectures meet Tuesday and Thursday from 1-2:20 synchronously over Zoom and Discord (pinned on Piazza). Lecture captures will be found in Panopto.

Readings from Effective Java and Design Patterns can be accessed through Safari Books Online. Follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate here to setup your Brown affiliated account. Select the option 'Not listed', input your Brown email address, and confirm.
  2. Once you've done this, you can access the readings for Effective Java here and Design Patterns here.
Topic Resources Code Reading for the Week Date
Effective CS32 Jan 21st
Strategy Pattern + REPL design Code Effective Java: Item 14
Effective Java: Item 18
Jan 26th
Testing (Pairs, Model Based Testing) Virtual Whiteboard
For Reference: Java Generics FAQ
Stencil Code Solution Code Readings included in Lab 2 Jan 28th
k-d Trees Virtual Whiteboard Effective Java: Item 12 Feb 2nd
Property Based Testing & Equals/HashCode/Generics Virtual Whiteboard Solution Code Effective Java: Item 10 Effective Java: Item 11 Effective Java: Item 12 Feb 4th
Java Good Practice & Generics Solution Code Effective PBT
Effective Java: Item 60
Effective Java: Item 64
Feb 9th
Professionalism & Code Review Professionalism PPT OPTIONAL- Effective Java: Item 5 Feb 11th
Java Generics Solution Code Feb 18th
More Generics and Node/Edges Solution Code Design Patterns: Strategy
Design Patterns: Proxy
Feb 23rd
Even More Generics and A* A* Whiteboard Generics Code Feb 25th
Security and Team Design Security Whiteboard
So you've made a mistake PPT
Threat Modeling Mar 2nd
Team Design Powerpoint March 4th
Concurrency Virtual Whiteboard Solution Code Dining Philosophers
Effective Java: Item 78
Effective Java: Item 79
March 9th
Requirements + Software Life Cycle Powerpoint The Mom Test March 11th
UI Design Slides March 16th
The Future of 32 March 18th
PBT Libraries Slides March 23rd
Guest Lecture: Dr. Heather Wiencko (What Does a Career in CS Look Like?) March 25th
Testing Virtual Whiteboard March 30th
Project Development April 1st
GDPR Compliance Critique and Closing Thoughts April 6th
Guest Lecture: Dr. Emmanuel Schanzer (Bootstrap Co-Director) April 8th