6 Assignments

All work will be due at 11:59pm of the indicated day.

Before you can take this course, you must complete all the homeworks (until this course begins) of CSCI 0170 with high grades and all of the following supplemental homeworks with high grades. At the beginning you may find this especially difficult, but don’t despair! Keep at it! If, however, by the last of these you find the pace is still far too great for you, then you may find CSCI 0170 a better course for you than 0190 for the rest of the semester.

The regular assignments for CSCI 0190 are as follows.





Sweep Due


Final Due



Wed, Oct 12




Sun, Oct 16

Tables 2


Mon, Oct 17




Thu, Oct 20

Data Scripting 1


Fri, Oct 21




Sun, Oct 23



Mon, Oct 24


Wed, Oct 26


Sun, Oct 30



Mon, Oct 31




Thu, Nov 03

Data Scripting 2


Fri, Nov 04




Tue, Nov 08



Wed, Nov 09


Fri, Nov 11


Thu, Nov 17



Wed, Nov 09


Fri, Nov 11


Thu, Nov 17

Tour Guide


Fri, Nov 18




Tue, Nov 29

Fluid Images


Mon, Nov 28


Wed, Nov 30


Sun, Dec 04

Join Lists and Map Reduce will be done in pairs. You will be given instructions on forming and joining pairs. Buddy up!

The supplemental assignments are as follows.








Fri, Sep 09


Tue, Sep 13

Tables 1


Wed, Sep 14


Tue, Sep 20



Wed, Sep 21


Tue, Sep 27



Wed, Sep 28


Sun, Oct 02



Mon, Oct 03


Thu, Oct 06

Note on the Filesystem assignment: Filesystem is the kind of assignment a cs019 student can solve completely, correctly, and cleanly in well under an evening. Because this assignment coincides with the creation of pairs for the BigNum project of cs017, we recommend that you try it early to make sure cs019 really is the right course for you. Either way, if you are continuing to try to get into cs019, please do not pair up with students who are not trying to get into cs019, so that you don’t leave them without a partner for the second half of BigNum.

The labs are as follows:

Please read our Programming Language Use policy.