Lab Signups and Homework 1

Posted on 2/01/2017

Labs will be starting next week, with the very first occurring on Wednesday, 2/8. Labs are a mandatory part of your grade, and a general good time! Please use this form to sign up for a lab section.

Homework 1 has been released! You can find it here. It's due Tuesday, 2/7 at 11:59 PM!

Welcome to CS8!

Posted on 1/24/2017

Do you think you might want to check out computer science, but have no idea what intro course to take? Are you interested in learning what computer science is about and the ideas it has to offer tomorrow's citizens and scholars?

CS8 is a new computer science course intended to introduce non-CS concentrators to the academic discipline of computer science and its relevance to other fields and modern life more generally.

You'll learn the basics of:

  • Computation and programming!
  • Theoretical computer science and algorithms!
  • Cryptography!
  • Logic!

Although you'll learn to read and understand short programs, the course will not teach or require advanced programming skills.

For more information, check out the FAQ page and course information page.