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Title Resources Release Date Due Date
Getting Started Lab 0 9/11 9/21
Excel Lab 1 9/16 9/21
HTML Lab 2 9/30 10/05
CSS Lab 3 10/14 10/19
JavaScript Lab 4 10/28 11/02
Python I Lab 5 11/11 11/16
Python II Lab 6 11/11 11/30


Title Resources Release Date Due Date
Excel Project 1 9/16 9/28
HTML Project 2 9/30 10/12
CSS Project 3 10/14 10/26
JavaScript Project 4 10/28 11/09
Python Project 4 11/18 12/05


Date Lecture Name Lecture Slides Lecture Recording
09/07 Introduction to the Digital World PPT Panopto
09/12 A Short History of Computing PPT Panopto
09/14 The Rise of the Internet - "Revenge of the Nerds" PPT Panopto
09/19 Computer Architecture PPT Panopto
09/21 Software and Operating Systems PPT Panopto
09/26 Input/Output and Storage Systems PPT Panopto
09/28 Computer Graphics PPT Panopto
10/03 Legal Issues in Computing PPT Panopto
10/05 Cyber Crime PPT Panopto
10/10 Cyber Security PPT Panopto
10/12 NO LECTURE! MID TERM BREAK - Work on HTML!    
10/17 MultiMedia: Digital Audio PPT Panopto
10/19 MultiMedia: Digital Imaging PPT Panopto
10/24 Multimedia: Digital Video PPT Panopto
10/26 Databases and Privacy Issues PPT Panopto
10/31 Writing a Program PPT Panopto
11/02 Digital Networks PPT Panopto
11/07 The Computing Hierarchy PPT Panopto
11/09 Computer Gaming PPT Panopto
11/14 Artificial Intelligence PPT Panopto
11/16 No Lecture    
11/21 No Lecture - Thanksgiving Holiday    
11/23 No Lecture - Thanksgiving Holiday    
11/28 No Lecture - Due to illness
11/30 The Internet of Things PPT Panopto
12/07 Early Optional Final Exam    
12/19 Regularly Scheduled Final Exam    


tyler_gurth ice_cream

tyler, hta

Hey!! I'm a rising junior studying CS and History of Art and Architecture. When I'm not programming or appreciating art, one can find me throwing really heavy things.

alana_cho ice_cream

alana, hta

hi! I’m a rising senior from richland, wa studying cs and environmental science. In my free time, I love hiking, reading, and listening to music of all genres. Excited to meet you all! :)


Hi! I’m a rising senior from Beijing, China studying CS, with a focus on design and AI. Outside of classes, I love making music & videos, eating great food and investing. Looking forward to meeting you!

ze_hua_chen ice_cream


Hi! :) I’m a rising sophomore studying CS. Outside of my studies, I enjoy dancing on Impulse, exploring new cuisines, and spending quality time with friends. As a proud Brooklyn native, I’m always excited to make new connections and meet new people. So, I’m really looking forward to getting to know all of you!

nicole_sanchez-soto ice_cream
john_farrell ice_cream


Hi! I’m a rising sophomore studying CS, with a focus on software and design. Outside of my studies, I run for the cross country and track team here at Brown and play the piano. Looking forward to meeting all of you!

zachary_boston ice_cream


What’s up! I’m a rising senior from Berwick, ME studying APMA-CS. In my free time I enjoy hooping, watching TV, and listening to music. Excited to work with y’all this semester!


Hi! I’m a rising senior from Hong Kong studying CS and Econ. I love tennis, food, and movies.

chun_lam ice_cream


Hi! I’m a rising senior from NH, studying CS! In my free time, I love playing volleyball, rock climbing and playing video games. I’m also a big foodie, so I’m always open to restaurant recommendations!

brandon_wu ice_cream
jennifer_chen ice_cream


Changes vscode color theme just to feel something.

isha_ponugoti ice_cream


Hey! I’m a rising senior from Carmel, Indiana (best corn + roundabouts) studying CS and Entrepreneurship. When I’m not coding, you can find me spending all my money on matcha, climbing roofs (send roof recs!), and taking dispos. Can’t wait to meet you all :)


hi! i’m a rising senior from lahore, pakistan concencetrating in cs-econ. in my free time i like taking walks on campus, watching youtube and listening to podcasts. looking forward to this semester :)

zahra_naqvi ice_cream


Hi all! I’m a rising senior from Manhattan, KS concentrating in Computer Science on the computational biology pathway. My favorite spot to study on campus is the 4th floor of the Rock, and my hobbies are traveling and reading!

chris_chae ice_cream
nitin_sreekumar ice_cream


Hey! I am a junior concentrating in Biology and CS. In my free time I enjoy biking around the area and enjoying nature.