Docker Community Mailing List:

Docker virtual machines provide a flexible environment for rapid prototyping and development.  Each VM runs the department's supported version of Debian and it's OS and software are maintained by Tstaff.  The VM owner(s) have limited sudo privileges to manage a Docker environment, without the burden of maintaining the rest of the VM.

For more information about Docker and how to get started with it, please visit:

Tstaff will update and maintain the software installed on the VM in line with the rest of the department.  Patches and ugrades will be applied regularly, leaving only the maintenance of the Docker images, containers and scripts up to the owner(s).

Additional resources, like opening ports to the VM, can be requested by emailing

A self-supporting community of CS Docker users can be found at  Please subscribe to the list and share your Docker questions and experiences.  Tstaff will occasionally monitor this list, but if there is a common consensus for a change or addition to our VMs, feel free to forward them to

This service offering is new to Tstaff as of November 1st. 2016.  Though, it has been in use in for over a year.  There is a learning curve to Docker, but the public support for and adoption of Docker promises to provide a flexibility that was otherwise impractical and almost impossible for Tstaff to offer before now.

If you'd like to obtain a Docker VM or you currently have a VM that you'd like to convert to Docker, please send a request to