About The Sunlab

The Sunlab is a banked auditorium containing a network of 73 AMD Athlon PC workstations running Debian Linux, one for the instructor, and the rest arrayed in rows throughout the room. It is used both as a classroom, and as a cluster where students work on their assignments on their own time. The room is available, during open hours, to students taking Computer Science courses, and to other members of the CS Department community.

The Sunlab is part of the Computer Science Department, located on the first floor of the Center for Information and Technology (CIT) on the Brown Campus (directions). All of the equipment in The Lab is administered by the Department's technical staff.

A Brief History of The Sunlab

Artist's Rendering of Proposed Classroom

The George St. Journal, November 5, 1982

The Dedication of Gould Lab

First Generation Apollos In The New Lab

New Desktop Apollos Arrive

Algorithms & Data Structures Class