Industrial Partners Program Seminars

04/04/06 P.Anandan Microsoft "Microsoft Research India: The First Year"
03/20/06 Rick Rashid Microsoft "Betting on the Future"
03/16/06 Andy Hertzfeld Google "Revolution in the Valley"
11/29/05 Adam Leventhal Sun Microsystems "Hacking on OpenSolaris"
10/25/05 Mike Hochberg Google "Organizing the World's Information...and Loving It!"
10/04/05 Kit Colbert VMware "VMotion: Fast Transparent Migration for Virtual Machines"
04/28/05 Erik Meijer Microsoft "Helping Programmers Program Better"
11/30/04 Adam Leventhal Sun Microsystems "Solaris Kernal Group Technical Talk"
11/15/04 Greg Galperin ITA Software "The Algorithm Revolution in Air Travel Search"
10/07/04 Joshua Goodman Microsoft "Stopping Spam"
4/28/04 Lisa K. Fleischer IBM T.J. Watson "Taxes for heterogeneous, selfish users of a multicommodity network"
4/22/04 Justin Boyan ITA Software "AI in the Real World: Air Travel Planning"
2/19/04 Andrei Broder IBM Research "Sic Transit Gloria Talae: Towards an Understanding of the Web's Decay"
5/8/03 Seth Proctor Sun Microsystems "Scalable, General Purpose Access Control Policy"
4/29/03 Allen Denison Java Technologies "Mac OS X: A Terrific Java Platform"
11/26/02 Michael Isard Microsoft Research "Real-Valued Graphical Models for Computer Vision"
10/9/01 Dan Fay Microsoft Research University Relations Group ".NET"
4/20/01 Bill Freeman MERL "Inference for Vision"
4/19/01 Ronald J. Mann Sun Microsystems, Inc. "The Squid Kit Windowing Architecture"
9/28/00 Nicole Yankelovich '83 SUN Labs "Awarenex: Including Mobile Devices in Awareness and Communication"
3/8/00 Don Stanford GTECH "Preparing your Development Organization for the New Competitive Environment"
2/22/00 Bowen Alpern IBM Research "The Jalapeno Virtual Machine"
2/8/00 John SanGiovanni Microsoft Research "The Campus of Tomorrow: Exploring Windows CE in a University Environment"
12/2/99 Jay Subrahmonia IBM "Putting Pen to Smart Paper"