Watson CIT #361

Brown University

Providence, RI 02906

vsaraph at cs


I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Computer Science and a Master's student in the Department of Mathematics at Brown University. I work with Maurice Herlihy on theoretical problems in distributed computing. I apply machinery from algebraic topology to answer questions in distributed computability. I am currently exploring variants of the asynchronous computability theorem, a foundational theorem that provides topological criteria for the wait-free solvability of distributed tasks from read-write memory. I am working on generalizing this theorem to less restrictive models of fault-tolerance. For my research comprehensive, I expanded previous work on loop agreement tasks, in which processes converge on a loop in a given topological space.

Previous to Brown I was an undergraduate at the University of Notre Dame. As a student of computer science, I worked in the Complex Networks Lab under the supervision of Tijana Milenković, where I designed and developed MAGNA, a conceptually novel algorithm for biological network alignment. As an honors math student at Notre Dame, I was also a member of the Seminar for Undergraduate Mathematical Research. I did research in computable structure theory, a specialization of computability theory. With Julia Knight as my advisor, I characterized the optimal descriptive complexity for certain well-behaved groups.

For more about my work and experiences, see my CV.