Deno: DEcentralized Network Objects

The goal is to investigate decentralized, "homeless" approaches to consistency maintenance in shared object databases. To this end, we are building Deno, a new shared-object infrastructure specifically designed to support replicated data in mobile and unreliable, wide-area environments.

The following are key attributes of our approach:

  • Decentralized consistency maintainence - Deno objects have no "home", and no dedicated owner. Instead, objects "flow" to where they are accessed. Responsibility is handed off in pairwise fashion. Objects are located using hints. Advantages of this approach are:
    1. No single point of failure.
    2. Disconnection of no one node can prevent updates from being made to any event.
    3. No serialization hot spots.
  • Reliability - Replication is used to adjust object reliability to application constraints.
  • Mobile and disconnected operation - Deno transparently supports mobile environments by avoiding global consistency guarantees.

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  • The Linux and Win32 implementation of Deno can be found here.
  • The WinCE version will soon be available.