Picture of Steven P. Reiss
Steven P. Reiss
Department of Computer Science, Box 1910
Brown University, Providence, RI 02912-1910
Tel: 401-863-7641, Fax: 401-863-7657
Email: spr@cs.brown.edu
Office: CIT 403

What's the Latest

Research Projects

The overall theme of our research is making programming easier. We are undertaking a number of projects directed at this goal. These include:

Previous projects (in various states of usability):

Research Laboratories

We are responsible for the Brown University Internet Laboratory. This facility is designed to let students and researchers experiment with large-scale Internet applications. It provides the hardware and software for running and testing web applications that can handle thousands of users. The laboratory features a 20-seat classroom/lab with a variety of front-end machines, and a backroom with both SMP machines and clusters of various types.


Software Systems

Systems currently under development. For recent status and the latest versions of these systems please send email to spr@cs.brown.edu.

Previous systems. These system are not under active development. Some, such as FIELD and Desert work either in full or in part.


Courses (2013-2014):

Courses (2012-2013):

Courses (2011-2012):

Courses (2010-2011):

Courses (2009-2010):

Courses (2008-2009):

Courses (2007-2008):

Courses (2006-2007):

Courses (2005-2006):

Courses (2004-2005):

Courses (2003-2004):

Previous courses

Other courses I have taught in the last few years. Some of them I still teach, while others are now taught by other faculty members.



How to reach me:

Email: spr@cs.brown.edu
Snail Mail:
Box 1910, Computer Science Department
Brown University
Providence, RI 02912
401-863-7641 (voice)
401-863-7657 (fax)

Equipment in my office:
3 Machines (2 Linux, 1 Windows)
14 cpus (8,4,2)
2 Tb disk
40G memory
7 monitors
Equipment in the machine room (non-departmental):
41 machines (40 mac xserves, 1 Sun Ultra 80)
84 CPUs
Gardening (vegetables)
Squash (the game, not the vegetable)
Frederick (@ IBM Almaden)
Charles ( @ UC Berkeley)
Valerie (@ GA Tech)

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