Seny Kamara

Associate Professor, Brown University

twitter: @senykam
pub key: B80B 84AC 9C5D 174D

I am an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Brown University. From 2008 to 2016, I was a researcher at Microsoft Research (Redmond Lab).

My research focuses on the design and analysis of cryptographic algorithms, protocols and systems that safeguard user privacy. Specifically, I work on encrypted systems, which are information systems that can operate with little to no information about the data they store and consume. I maintain interests in various aspects of theory and systems, including applied and theoretical cryptography, data structures and algorithms, cloud computing, data management, economics, technology policy and networking.

I direct the Encrypted Systems Lab and am a member of the CAPS group.

  • Check out the Brown CAPS group!

  • We released the Clusion encrypted search library open source (under GPLv.3)

  • Thank you to the Boston Global Forum!

  • We released the draft of our ECRYPT report on Future Directions in Computing on Encrypted Data (pdf).

  • Our paper on inference attacks was invited to Real-World Crypto.

  • Our work on inference attacks on encrypted DBs (pdf) was covered by Forbes, Ars Technica (1, 2), the Register and Inside MSR

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Program (co-)chair:

  • ACM Cloud Computing Security Workshop (CCSW '12)
  • Workshop on Surveillance and Technology (SAT '15)
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While at MSR, I worked with the following outstanding group of students: