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Week #1: What is mathematics (for)?: Analysis and Generalization

Week #2: The mechanics of mathematical proof.

Week #3: The mathematics of counting.

Week #4: An introduction to the mathematical theory of probability.

The Fine Print:

Notebooks: Each student is required to keep a separate notebook for this course, and as the final will be an "open book" exam, it is a good idea to make these notebooks as complete as possible.

Readings & Writings: During the course we may read an article or two and the article(s) will be given to you in class. In addition, student teams may be responsible for reviewing one of the mathematics resources on the World Wide Web.

Homework: You will be assigned two problem sets during the course. Your participation in class, your performance on the homework sets, and your grade on the final exam will be (in that order) the major considerations in my evaluation of your work. To help with homework, and to discuss further material covered in class or at the Web site, I will keep office hours in the Lewisohn computer lab, Wednesday and Thursday from 12 until about 1 (depending on whether or not anyone shows up).

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