Philipp Eichmann
Philipp Eichman

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I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Computer Science department at Brown University in Providence RI. My research revolves around pen and touch-based data exploration and visualization tools, and I am a member of Andy van Dam's computer graphics group.

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NuSys: Towards a Document IDE for Knowledge Work ACM DocEng 2017 Authors: Philipp Eichmann, Trent Green, Robert Zeleznik, Andries van Dam
Discrete Time Specifications In Temporal Queries ACM CHI 2017 LBW Authors: Philipp Eichmann, Andrew Crotty, Alex Galakatos, Emanuel Zgraggen Paper
Towards a Benchmark for Interactive Data Exploration Bulletin of the Technical Committee on Data Engineering 2016 Authors: Philipp Eichmann, Emanuel Zgraggen, Zheguang Zhao, Carsten Binnig, Tim Kraska Paper
cTed: Advancing Selection Mechanisms in Web Browsers ACM CHI 2016 LBW Authors: Philipp Eichmann, Hyunchang Song, Emanuel Zgraggen PaperVideo
Tableur: Handwritten Spreadsheets ACM CHI 2016 LBW Authors: Emanuel Zgraggen, Robert Zeleznik, Philipp Eichmann PaperVideo
NuSys: Collaborative Insight Extraction on Shared Workspaces CPTTE 2016 You-Try-It Session Author: Philipp Eichmann
Evaluating Subjective Accuracy in Time Series Pattern-Matching Using Human-Annotated Rankings ACM IUI 2015 Authors: Philipp Eichmann, Emanuel Zgraggen Paper