CS 1951C, Designing Humanity Centered Robots, Fall 2015

Brown University
Fall 2015
Michael L. Littman (mlittman@cs.brown.edu, CIT 301).
Ian Gonsher (Ian_Gonsher@brown.edu). See also: steamstudio.us and browncreativemind.com.
TA: Karthik Desingh (karthik_desingh@brown.edu).

Time: Tue/Thu 9am-12pm
Place: Brown Design Workshop (Prince Lab)
Semester: Fall 2015

Office hours: By appointment.

Description: This course is offered by Brown's Computer Science department under the auspices of the Humanity Centered Robotics Initiative. It is focused on the iterative design process and how it can be used to develop robots for solving tasks that help people. It will expose students to a suite of fabrication and prototyping technologies sufficient for creating a functioning robotic system.

Prerequisites: Permission of an instructor.

We will be studying, designing, and creating telepresence robots for use in the context of helping the elderly live more independently.

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