Matthew Milano

I graduated in 2013 and joined the Computer Science department at Cornell, where I maintain a significantly more up-to-date website.
While at Brown, I was a CS concentrator, SPOC, and many-time HTA (most recently CS033 and CS166).
I have also been the President of the Fantasy Gaming Society and the Vice-President of Technology House and the Brown Linx Users Group.

My CV.


Recent research at Brown:

Some courses I've developed:

If you would like to contact me, my email address is listed on my CV - hopefully the spam-bots can't reach it there.

If you have a request for technical support, please do not contact me directly, but instead route requests through problem at

It is far better to email me than it is to call me or send me post; I check physical mail infrequently at best, and share my office (and its phone number) with the other SPOCS.

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