Interested in an PhD in Big Data?

Within the Department of Computer Science at Brown University we are currently looking for strong students with system-building skills and out-of-the box thinking capabilities to develop the next generation of Big Data management systems. Brown's database group is one of the world-leading groups in systems-oriented database research, known for example through the H-Store, C-Store, SciDB, Aurora and Borealis systems. The CS department in general ranks amongst the top 20 places in the US for computer science and in contrast to many other universities provides a nice work/life balance through its affordable living cost, amazing restaurants, student culture, closeness to downtown Providence, as well as proximity to much bigger cities (Boston - 45min with the train, New York - 3h with bus or train).

If your are interested, please apply until December 15 at
Possible research projects:
  • MLbase - A Data Management System for Distributed Machine-Learning
  • CrowdQ - Crowdsourced Query Understanding
  • MDCC - The Fastest Strong Consistent Multi-Data Center Replication Protocol
  • CrowdDB - Integrating people as part of Big Data management
  • PIQL - Performance Insightful Query Language
  • and more (secret ;-) ones