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The following is an FAQ for Next to each item in the table of contents is a symbol. A '+' means that I've answered it. A '-' means that someone else has promised to answer it. A ``0'' means that I intend to write it but have not gotten to it yet. A '*' means that someone else has provided it already. No mark at all indicates that I do not have the information to answer the question, but that no one has volunteered to provide it. In some cases, this means that I have written something to fill the gap, but it's not at all authoritative. This is especially true in the powerboating section.

Many folks have sent contributions, some of which have been included. In some cases I left things out because I thought they were not of general enough interest. In other cases, I've left them out because I have not yet gotten around to inserting them.

This document will be reposted about every three months. In addition, a copy will live at, available for anonymous ftp in the file rec.boats_FAQ.Z.

Last posted: 7/1/95

This posting: 10/6/95

John F. Hughes