VariationHunter/CommonLAW (integrated in Tardis)

A tool for discovery of structural variation in one or more individuals simultaneously using high throughput technologies.


The NovelSeq framework is designed to detect novel sequence insertions using high throughput paired-end whole genome sequencing data.


An efficient deterministic algorithm which directly maximizes the similarity between two labeled gene trees and finds interaction partners among protein/domain families.

Motif Counting

Uses Alon et al's color coding technique for counting non-induced occurrences of subgraph topologies in the form of trees.


Binary Tree Partition (BTP) is a novel combinatorial formulation of the problem of constructing the subpopulations of tumor cells from the variant allele frequencies of somatic mutations.

LAPSI (forthcoming)

A novel method for detecting and genotyping somatic structural variations (SVs) in multiple whole-genome sequencing tumor samples