Ghous Amjad

+1 (401) 837-4081 ยท

I am a second year PhD student at Brown CS where I work on problems in the area of Cryptography and Applied Cryptography with Seny Kamara and Tarik Moataz. I am also a member of the Encrypted Systems Lab and CAPS group at Brown. Recently, my research has been particularly focused on Encrypted Search and Structured Encryption where I work on designing and implementing provably secure, efficient and usable schemes with well defined leakage profiles, that also guarantee various desirable security properties of Searchable Symmetric Encryption schemes such as Forward Privacy, Snapshot Security etc.


Breach-Resistant Structured Encryption

G. Amjad, T. Moataz, S. Kamara
Under Submission

Forgetting with Puzzles: Using Cryptographic Puzzles to support Digital Forgetting

G. Amjad, S. Mirza, C. Pöpper

To appear in ACM CODASPY '18

Experience / Education

Research Fellow and Graduate Student at Brown

Advisor: Seny Kamara
August 2016 - Present

Research Assistant at NYU Abu Dhabi

June 2016 - August 2016

Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant and Undergrad at LUMS

Advisor: Fareed Zaffar
  • Major: Computer Science. Graduated with the NMF Gold Medal and the Award of Distinction.
  • I have been a TA for Discrete Mathematics, Data Structures, Operating Systems and Digital Image Processing
August 2012 - May 2016

Other Interests / Random Things

I love to travel. I have been to a few different countries and a lot of cities in the United States. For me, the best thing about travel is that I get to sample and relish in the local cuisine.

I love New York!

Lahore is the best city ever though!

I am currently the Chair of Technology on the Brown Graduate Student Council. I also serve on the GSC International Committee led by the Chair of International Advocacy.

Contact Me

Get in touch for a detailed resume or for any other queries. I can be reached either by phone (+1 401-837-4081) or email.