Conference Publications:

  1. Uncertainty about Uncertainty: Optimal Adaptive Algorithms for Estimating Mixtures of Unknown Coins
    To appear in SODA 2021
    Jasper C.H. Lee and Paul Valiant

  2. Fast Algorithms for Computing Interim Allocations in Single-Parameter Environments
    PRIMA 2018, pages 194-209.
    Amy Greenwald, Jasper Lee, Takehiro Oyakawa

  3. Augmenting Stream Constraint Programming with Eventuality Conditions
    CP 2018, pages 242-258.
    Jasper C.H. Lee, Jimmy H.M. Lee and Zhuowei Zhong
    [arXiv] [Proceedings]

  4. Optimizing Star-Convex Functions
    FOCS 2016, pages 603-614.
    Jasper C.H. Lee and Paul Valiant
    [arXiv] [Proceedings]

  5. Towards Practical Infinite Data Stream Constraint Solving: Applications and Implementation
    CP 2014, pages 449-464.
    Jasper C.H. Lee and Jimmy H.M. Lee


  1. Optimal Sub-Gaussian Mean Estimation in R
    Jasper C.H. Lee and Paul Valiant

  2. Finding the Mode of a Kernel Density Estimate
    Jasper C.H. Lee, Jerry Li, Christopher Musco, Jeff M. Phillips and Wai Ming Tai

  3. Biological Speciation as a Rumor Spreading and Learning Mechanism
    Jasper C.H. Lee