Fun and photos:

oWinner of "Fastest Car in Tsawwassen" circa 1979.
oLongboarding in the Stanford hills.
oMy Banzai aluminum skateboard from the '70s.
oGeekspeek by PamelaZ. (Yes, this is my only song I know of with my voice on it. Am I proud?  Not exactly).
oBroom Trick. 20MB Quicktime Movie (mysteriously sideways).
o Surfing on my 9'2" Murray Ross at Topsail Beach, North Carolina (June 2002).
o Fireplace mantle project.
o Views from my office.
o Sweden photojournal.
o Elvis marriage.
o Salvatore espresso machines.
o Paintings by Eric Zener.
o La Casa Gelato - if you are in Vancouver, this is the place for ice cream.

o The Museum of Jurassic Technology, Los Angeles. Seeing is believing (or maybe not).

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