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Demo Software for Performing Human Tracking

I have developed a Matlab program that estimates human motion in images taken with multiple synchronized cameras using a simple body model based on truncated cones. At Brown we have our own Motion Capture Lab that we used to capture motion data for quantitative evaluations.

Latest Version: Ver 1.0 (11/26/2005)

This product provides a basic Matlab implementation for tracking a moving person in a sequence of multiple synchronized images, with known camera calibration information and body dimensions. In addition, evaluation code is provided to compare the tracking results to the ground truth data.

Video Demo

In the video, the black outline represents the true pose of the moving person. The colored outline represents the estimated pose by this software.

Our implementation uses an annealed particle filtering approach [2] with a few additions. For details about our work and for a detailed set of experiments with this code see [1].

Results suggest that error accumulation seems to be under control as the tracker recovers from errors.


For bug reports, questions, suggestions and comments, feel free to email me.

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[1]         A. Balan, L. Sigal and M. Black.
             A Quantitative Evaluation of Video-based 3D Person Tracking.
             IEEE Workshop on VS-PETS, 349-356, 2005.

[2]         J. Deutscher and I. Reid.
             Articulated Body Motion Capture by Stochastic Search.                        
             IJCV, 61(2):185-205, 2004.

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