About Me

I am a fourth year graduate student in the Computer Science department at Brown University. I recently started working in the area of applied cryptography with Seny Kamara. Prior to this, I worked with Maurice Herlihy on concurrent algorithms.

My current research addresses problems at the intersection of distributed systems and applied cryptography. With the growth of the internet and the explosion of data, distributed systems are becoming widely used but they often lack security and privacy guarantees. My work addresses this using techniques from differential privacy, encrypted search, networking and distributed algorithms. My other interests include approximation algorithms, data structures and operating systems.

Before joining Brown, I worked for two years at IBM Research, Delhi under the guidance of Dr. Yogish Sabharwal. While at IBM, I worked on theoretical problems related to resource allocation and set covering.

  • Name: Archita Agarwal
  • Email: archita_agarwal@brown.edu