Telecollaboration - Modeling and Interaction

Jot: Integrating Alpha_1 and Sketch

A completed part which was modeled and produced using Jot.
Sketching on the ActiveDesk using two hands.

Project Overview

The goal of Jot is to provide an end to end solution for the rapid production of mechanical parts in a collaborative environment. Using Jot, the offspring to Sketch, an idea can be rapidly sketched on the Active Desk at Brown, and using the Center's high speed televideo network, multiple people at other sites can suggest ideas for the improvement of the design. These ideas can then be incorporated into the design, and everyone's displays are updated to reflect the changes.

After a rough sketch is produced, Jot then permits the user to parameterize the model thereby applying accurate measurements to the rough sketch. Throughout its creation, the model is mirrored by Utah's Alpha_1 system, where a fully featured model is maintained. This fully featured model is used to generate NC (numerical control) code for machining the part.

One of our goals is to produce machined parts such as the transmission plate shown at the left above from these detailed models.

Center Sites

Brown, Caltech, UNC, Utah

Lead Researchers

Henry Fuchs
Richard Riesenfeld
Robert Zeleznik
Loring Holden

Bibliographic References

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[RIES97]Riesenfeld, R. Fish, S. Drake, "A Case Study in Multi-Disciplinary Distributed Collaborative Design", to appear in Proceedings of ASME Conference on Network-Centric CAD, 1997

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