Downloading Desert Sources

In addition to offering binary distributions of Desert for various architectures, we are providing a full set of source files.  We do not, at this point, however, claim that anyone outside of Brown will be able to compile these sources, but this is our eventual goal.  We will be happy for now to provide some support for anyone who is daring enough to try.

In order for the compilation to work, you will need to have  the FrameMaker 5.X FDK (Frame Developer's Kit), display postscript, Motif (/usr./dt), OpenInventor and OpenGL (we use TGS right now, but other implementations should work as well), a good C++ compiler, and lots of patience and disk space.  

We normally compile on Solaris 2.5 (2.4 works as well).  Almost everything compiles and seems to run on SGI IRIX 5.3 (the exception being the display postscript code).  Most things compile and some even run under Digital Unix 4.0 on an AlphaStation (the problem here being OpenInventor).  We would be happy to hear from anyone attempting to port to another platform as well.

Note that the binarys take up considerable space (we are using 350M on Solaris, 650M on Digital Unix, and 500M on the SGI).

Download Desert Sources (2+ Meg)

If you have questions or problems, send email to Steve Reiss at

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