Integrating Tools into Desert

Desert is designed as an open environment.  One of our goals in developing the system is to integrate a wide variety of tools from all aspects of software engineering.  These would include both academic or experimental systems and commercial software development tools.  Integration in Desert means defining appropriate fragments for the files used by the tools, determining how to display those fragments with FrameMaker, providing appropriate visual interfaces, and insuring that the tools can be invoked from other tools as appropriate.

Integration will be a learning experience for us until we have successfully included a variety of tools.  With each tool we hope to make the process easier and more automatic.  Our eventual goal is to provide the hooks and code that would be needed for others to do the integration easily and without having to know the internals of Desert.  Right now, however, we need to do the integration ourselves.

Systems currently integrated into Desert:

We are looking for researchers and companies who are willing to work with us to have their tools included in the Desert framework. For information on how to have your tool integrated into Desert please contact

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