Touch Art Gallery


TAG: General Viewing and Exhibition Authoring Tutorial

General tutorial for using TAG and authoring basic settings, artworks, and exhibitions

TAG: Interactive Tour Authoring Tutorial

Tutorial focusing on how to create interactive tours within TAG's Tour Authoring mode.

Content authoring gives curators full control over the artworks, exhibitions, and tours "on-display", as well as the metadata, style, and branding of the entire application. Despite the amount of customization available, the interface is still simple to learn and easy to use.

Tour authoring borrows many ideas from traditional video and audio editors, but aims to make tour creation as simple as possible. Even curators with no prior media editing experience can be creating interactive tours in an hour or less.

For more detailed information...

For a more detailed look at Touch Art Gallery use, especially if you are interested in authoring or hosting TAG content, please see the TAG Setup Guide.