NuSys supports a comprehensive, collaborative knowledge worker workflow that allows both synchronous and asynchronous collaboration through shared unbounded 2D workspaces.

Knowledge workers consume and annotate digital documents such as PDF files, videos, images and text notes - in some cases collaboratively - to form mental models and gain understanding. An abundance of software solutions and utilities have been designed to assist users in stages of this process but not for the process as a whole, which makes knowledge work with documents unnecessarily inefficient.

With NuSys, workgroups can share, organize, and augment heterogeneous materials, e.g. Office documents, PDFs, and multimedia files onto pen and touch devices ranging from tablets to Electronic Whiteboards. NuSys supports the recording of notes and discussions, the addition of pen markups and metadata annotations, and the designation of explicit and implicit relationships by creating collections of spatially contiguous objects and explicit hyperlinks. These facilities allow users to capture rich information networks that can be transformed and visualized to illustrate emergent patterns. Further, while organizing and augmenting these materials within NuSys, users are able to generate a variety of structured layouts, such as lists and free-form spatial arrangements, to help gain perspective about their materials and to retrace the history of their workspace's evolution.


NuSys: Towards a Document IDE for Knowledge Work
Submitted for publication to the ACM 2017 Symposium on Document Engineering.

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Microsoft Center for Research on Pen-Centric Computing

Brown University Computer Science Department