If you installed MzTake using the .PLT distribution, you can find the demos in the following directories:

[index-Z-G-D-2.gif]    On Linux: ~/.plt-scheme/208/collects/mztake/demos

[index-Z-G-D-2.gif]    On Windows (typically): C:\Documents and Settings\Jono\Application Data\PLT Scheme\208\collects\mztake\demos

where "Jono" is your username, and "208" is the version of DrScheme you are running.

The demos directory contains a sub-directory for each of the demos. For instance, the "highway" directory contains "" and "". To run this demo, switch to the "MzTake" language level from the "Experimental Languages" section of DrScheme’s language dialog, load "", and click "Run". What you see is generated by the debugging script. Each demo directory contains the following two files: one is the program being debugged (named after the directory), and the other is a file ending in "" (the MzTake script).

The demos are in order of increasing complexity. The versions in this tutorial have had their comments removed, but the original files in the distribution contain copious comments to aid even those who have never seen FrTime before.

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