Large Artwork Display on the Surface

LADS, or Large Artwork Display on the Surface, is a software platform built for museums for viewing large, digitized artworks in a novel fashion. It uses Microsoft's DeepZoom technology to dynamically load portions of images at different resolutions. This allows a user to see an entire 370 foot long panorama at once or the brushstrokes on the ocean in one square inch of the piece.

The purpose of LADS is to leverage the power of modern technology to enhance the research and learning process. LADS is a fully touch-enabled system, meant to run on large devices which allows casual museum-goers to interact with artworks closer than they ever have before. A user is no longer a passive viewer in a museum, but rather an active participant in the exploratory process. By digitizing their collections, museums are able to showcase enormous, fragile, or otherwise undisplayable pieces to everyone.