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Welcome to the Data Dissemination Group site at the Brown Computer Science Department. 

Here is a list of our current projects : 

Publish-Subscribe Simulation: We are building a network simulator to investigate publish-subscribe systems. Some of the issues being studied are data scheduling, bandwidth allocation, channelization, client profiling, etc. 

DBIS Toolkit: The DBIS(Dissemination Based Information System) prototype toolkit is a set of modules which can be used to build-up a heterogenous distributed client-server network supporting different modes of data transfer. ie. unicast, multicast, broadcast, push, pull, etc. 

BADD: We are part of a network of universities and companies working on the BADD project, which involves building a satellite data dissemination system for the US armed forces. 

Broadcast Disks: The Broadcast Disks project looks into client-server systems from a push perspective. Some of the issues studied are cache management, organization of data on the broadcast, effect of updates on the system, prefetching techniques, etc. 

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Last Updated : 10/13/98