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I am a Computer Science Ph.D. candidate in data management research group at Brown University. My research spans building automated data analytics systems, building machine learning model validation tools, developing techniques to quantify and correct for any uncertainty/errors in end-to-end data analysis pipeline. I work under the guidance of professor Tim Kraska and other committee members (Eli Upfal and Peter J. Haas).

I graduated from Cornell University with B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering and M.Eng. in Computer Science. Before coming to Brown, I worked as a systems engineer in the Korean IT industry and also as a machine learning researcher in academic research (with Professor Jee-Hyong Lee).

Research Publications

Posters & Technical Reports


  • System and Control Method for Loading Virtual Machine, Y Chung, CW Yoo, DS Jang, Korea 10-1341254-0000 (issued Dec. 2013)
  • Real-time Data Migration System and Method, Y Chung, CW Yoo, DS Jang, Korea 10-1440186-0000 (issued Sep. 2014)