Tom Doeppner's Underwater Photos

I got started in underwater photography in 1986, when I acquired a Nikonos V system. This is a viewfinder, non-SLR camera which is great for wide-angle photography, but not for "fish portraits" and other close-up work. I started using a housed camera in 1992: a Nikon 8008s in a Tussey housing. I replaced this in 1997 with a Nikon F4 in a Nexus housing and used Ikelite Substrobe 150 and Substrobe 200 strobes. In January 2005 I switched to digital and to a Nikon D70 in a Nexus housing. In the summer of 2006 I replaced the D70 with a Nikon D2x in a Seacam housing. I replaced the strobes with Ikelite DS125's. I replaced the D2x with a Nikon D800 in January 2014, again with a Seacam housing. In July 2016 I replaced the strobes with Ikelite DS160's. All of my photos shown here were taken with the housed cameras, mostly with either a 60mm macro lens or a 105mm macro lens. In some of those shot with the latter I've used a +2 wet diopter that allows me to get closer to the subjects. In January 2010 I acquired a SubSee +10 diopter from ReefNet, which allows me to get even closer. A few photos were taken with a 20mm lens and some with a 35mm lens. Starting in July 2014, the wide-angle photos are taken with a 16-35mm zoom lens. Almost all the photos shot on film were with Fuji Velvia.

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The photographs are organized by location: