steveg@cs (you can figure out the rest)
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Box 1910, CS Department
Brown University
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In 2014-15, I am a fifth-year computer science PhD student at Brown University in David Laidlaw's visualization group. My research is focused on the human factors involved in using visualizations and evaluating their effectiveness. My aim is to make it easier to evaluate visualizations, especially when expert users are unavailable to participate in user studies. Related interests include crowdsourcing, behavioral science, and design.

I received a ScM degree from Brown in computer science in 2011. Before coming to Brown, I was a software engineer in New Hampshire. In 2007, I received a BA in computer science from Dartmouth College.


In Fall 2014, I am the teaching assistant for an upper-level course at Brown, CSCI 2370: Interdisciplinary Scientific Visualization.

In Spring 2014, I was a teaching fellow and the instructor of CSCI 0931: Introduction to Computation for the Humanities and Social Sciences. I taught 20 undergraduates without programming experience how to use Python and Excel to formulate and test claims about data. In the course, students are introduced to data structures, functions, control flow, file i/o, and more. The course is also unique as an introduction to programming because it lets students choose their own projects. Student project pages are online but might require permission or a account to view. In-class labs include creating a ranking of U.S. senators from left-leaning to right-leaning based on public voting records, and identifying authorship using a textual analysis of the Oz book series (available on

In Fall 2012, I was the teaching assistant for CSCI 2370: Interdisciplinary Scientific Visualization.


The visualization students and I like to eat lunch together and talk about exciting research papers. We do our best to maintain current and old schedules of the papers we discuss.

In 2010, I was the CS department orientation czar and organized research talks, new logins, and ice-breakers for incoming graduate students.

In 2011-12, I was the department social czar, launched CS Movie Night, and did my best to get grad students out of their offices on a regular basis.

In 2013, I was a student member of the Brown CS PhD admissions committee.

My non-science interests include photography and playing music.