JAZZing for Help and Review


JAZZ is designed to support cooperative developers in a egalitarian manner where all the participants have access to the project and each can contribute in their own way. This is fine as long as the world is fair, but life is not. We want to look at the use of JAZZ for people outside the project, in particular for people who are supervising the project but not part of it.

The focus of our work is our project-oriented software engineering course, CSCI0320, Introduction to Software Engineering. This course covers a variety of topics including advanced Java programming, C, C++, systems programming, threads, sockets, user interface design, UML, tools (Eclipse, junit, ant, svn, gdb, purify), agile techniques, software engineering, databases, and software architectures. However, the real focus of the course is on a team project, with teams of around four students implementing some interesting and useful piece of software of their choosing.

We plan to make JAZZ available to the students, providing the appropriate servers, services, and instruction so that the project teams can use make use of its cooperative features. More than this, however, we want to enable the teaching assistants to work with the students on their projects. Teaching assistants have scheduled hours to provide help for both the required programming assignments and the projects. We want to use JAZZ so that the TAs can provide this help remotely, even when they are not members of the student's project teams.


The actual proposal, with a few more details can be found here.


The introduction to JAZZ in the course is currently scheduled for 2/25 and 2/26.