• Returned to America after a one-year endeavor in Europe. Have already gotten used to calling Europe/Poland my home. Fond memories about the comeraderie at Hadapt Polska of course.[16-07-2014]
  • Finished the 10-day alpine hike in the beautiful Alps range Hoher Dachstein in southern Austria. My first 2km~3km-altitude summit ascent. Almost died there by the way :).[12-07-2014]
  • Walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain. Got my first pilgrimage Compostela. All the way to the "edge of the world" Cape Finisterre, where I climbed down to the cliff and watched the sun set afar on the Atlantic ocean.[14-05-2014]


I'm interested in many things that are computer-scientific. Currenlty I'm trying to discover how to design system software (e.g. databases) with the new storage architecture involving non-volatile memory. My sensei are Stan, Tim and Ugur.


I'm currently at Brown University, learning my way to become a computer scientist. I was born and raised in Canton, China. Close to Hong Kong City, it shares the part of being tropical, packed and full of life. Spent five years in University of Wisconsin Madison for alma mater. Institutionalized, once a badger always a badger. Went on to spend two years in California, Massachusetts and Europe for research internship, startup, and travel.

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Box 1910, Computer Science Department
Brown University
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Sam Zhao