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I am a PhD candidate at Brown University. I work with the Brown Laboratory for Linguistic Information Processing and my advisor is Eugene Charniak. I am also a Brown/Wheaton Faculty Fellow in the Department of Math and Computer Science at Wheaton College.

My research aims to bridge the gap between semantic representations of data and how those data are interpreted by users in a given situation. Some particular tasks I am interested in are image caption generation, multi-document summarization, and evaluation of generated text.


All files are in PDF format.

Rebecca Mason and Eugene Charniak. 2014. Nonparametric Method for Data-driven Image Captioning. ACL 2014. (paper)

Rebecca Mason and Eugene Charniak. 2014. Domain-Specific Image Captioning CoNNL 2014. (paper)

Rebecca Mason and Eugene Charniak. 2013. Annotation of Online Shopping Images without Labeled Training Examples. Workshop on Vision and Language (WVL) 2013. (paper)

Rebecca Mason and Eugene Charniak. 2012. Apples to Oranges: Evaluating Image Annotations from Natural Language Processing Systems. NAACL 2012. (paper)

Rebecca Mason and Eugene Charniak. 2011. BLLIP at TAC 2011: A General Summarization System for a Guided Summarization Task. Proceedings of TAC 2011. (paper)

Rebecca Mason and Eugene Charniak. 2011. Extractive Multi-Document Summaries Should Explicitly Not Contain Document-Specific Content. Automatic Summarization for Different Genres, Media, and Languages (workshop in conjunction with ACL 2011). (paper)

Student Papers

Rebecca Mason. 2013. Domain-Independent Captioning of Domain-Specific Images. NAACL Student Research Workshop. (paper)

Rebecca Mason and Roberto Manduchi. 2010. Haptic Modeling for the Blind using the Novint Falcon. North East Student Colloquium on Artificial Intelligence (NESCAI). (paper, poster)

Caleb Butterfield, Rebecca Mason, and Scott Thede. 2007. Sentence Selection for Extractive Summaries in PARE. Midstates Conference for Undergraduate Research in Computer Science and Mathematics. (paper)

Invited Talks

Approaching Image Captioning as a Text-to-Text Generation Problem. University of Washington and Microsoft Research Summer Institute, July 2013.

Learning What to Say and How to Say It. Mount Holyoke College, February 23 2012.


Microsoft Research (2014), Graduate Intern, summarization and understanding user sentiment from social media data.

Raytheon - BBN Technologies (2013), Graduate Intern, mining and understanding Twitter data.

University of California - Santa Cruz (2008), REU , assistive technology.

DePauw University (2007), REU, automatic summarization.


Brown University: Ph.D Candidate, Computer Science, 2009-present; Sc.M., Computer Science, 2011.

Mount Holyoke College: A.B. magna cum laude, Computer Science, 2009.


Faculty Fellow at Wheaton College in Fall 2014, teaching Principles of Programming Languages (COMP 335), a Programming Languages Theory course for Computer Science majors and minors.

Graduate TA for Introduction to Compuational Linguistics at Brown in Spring 2011 and Spring 2012.

Lead Instructor at iD Tech Camp at Smith College in the summer of 2009. I taught Introductory Programming in Java and Processing to middle- and high-school age students. Additionally, I provided remote assistance to other programming instructors by debugging code, suggesting new projects, and expanding the lesson wikis.

J-Term Instructor at Mount Holyoke College in January 2007. Proposed and was awarded a stipend to teach a 12 hour non-credit course on programming for interactive fiction, which was attended by 23 women with no prior programming experience.

I have also completed the Teaching Certificates I and III programs at Brown's Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning, and spent many summers working as Senior Counselor for a Girl Scout day camp in Elizabeth, New Jersey.


I served on the committee for Brown Computer Science Graduate Orientation 2010, and currently serve as the department Ergo Merc to assist people with repetitive stress injury.

I love to ski, I am a mediocre klezmer clarinetist, and I have a finite Erdos-Bacon number.

Contact Information

Box 1910, Computer Science Department
Brown University
Providence, RI 02912

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