Peng Guan


    115 Waterman St 4th FL, Providence, RI 02912

    pguan AT cs.brown.edu


I started my PhD in fall 2008 at Computer Science Department of Brown University. It is my great honor to work with my supervisor Michael J. Black. My research interests include computer vision and computer graphics. Specifically, I have been working on several interesting topics including 2D/3D human body shape and pose estimation from images, clothing animation, and hair animation. I did an internship with Leonid Sigal at Disney Research, Pittsburgh  where we developed a multi-linear dynamical hair model that runs in real-time (this paper is in preparation).

I hope to utilize my expertise in vision, graphics, and machine learning to develop interesting and useful products. Here is my CV.

Recent News

New Dataset: You can now download "naked 3D body and clothes dataset" for academic use. This dataset is used by "The naked truth: Estimating body shape under clothing", Balan, A. and Black, M. J., ECCV 08 and "A 2D human body model dressed in eigen clothing", Guan, P, Freifeld, O, and Black, M. J., ECCV 10. This is the first dataset that provides clothed body in multiple views and the corresponding naked 3D body.

My thesis : "document"

I passed my thesis defense on Sep 28th and graduated on Dec 3, 2012.

"Multi-linear dynamic hair model " to appear in  Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation 2012

"DRAPE : Dressing Any PErson" to appear in ACM SIGGRAPH 2012

ECCV 2010 : "A 2D human body model dressed in eigen clothing"

ICCV 2009 : "Estimating human shape and pose from a single image"


PhD in Computer Science, Brown University.                      (expected Dec 2012)

MS  in Computer Science, Brown University.                       May 2010

MS  in Electronic Engineering, Fudan University, China.      May 2008

BS   in Electronic Engineering, Fudan University, China.      May 2005