Peter Galvin

Chief Technologist, Corporate Technologies, Inc. Adjunct Systems Planner, Brown University Computer Science Department

Corporate Technologies
100 Foot of John Street
Lowell, MA 01852
508-458-8551 (fax)
508-285-4261 (home office)

"Advanced Systems" Magazine is no more. Fortunately, its editors are creating "SunWorld Online" - THE Sun specific online magazine. Check it Out and watch for my "Pete's Wicked World" security column there.

Click for information about the Advanced Solaris Administration course I teach. Next taught on August 25th in Boston, MA. Dinah and I will also be providing the tutorial at the next Usenix LISA conference in September in Monterey, CA.

Or for a copy of the overheads I used in the Usenix LISA VIII talk "Purchasing a Workstation Installation" click here. (Warning: 1.2MB postscript file.)

I'm on the Board of Directors of the Sun User Group. SUG sponsors conferences, produces tutorials and CDROMs, maintains mailing lists, and is generally a good and worthy outfit.

Or for information on my textbook Operating System Concepts, 4th ed, send mail to with contents send help,index.

I've left Brown Unversity as of July 28th. I've had a great time, met great people, and learned much about systems and management. But it's time to move on. I'll be joining a small VAR/ISV/Systems Consulting company, Corporate Technologies, Inc (CTI) where I'll do system administration consulting and teaching, specializing in Sun and Solaris. I'll put a pointer here when CTI establishes a web presence.
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