Robust affine regression.

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This tar file contains experimental C-code, and examples, for computing multiple affine motions using robust estimation.

The motion within an image region is modeled using an affine transformation. Affine motion parameters are estimated using a coarse-to-fine gradient-based method. The approach is implemented using a robust M-estimation technique to make the computation insensitive to outliers which result from multiple motions. The approach estimates a dominant motion in the scene and detects points which are not moving consistently with the dominant motion. Additional motions are optionally estimated using these outliers.

This is a very basic starter package. The basic code has been extended in many ways for other problems but this basic package will give you an idea about how robust regression is applied to motion estimation.

The main paper describing this is:

Black, M. J. and Anandan, P., The robust estimation of multiple motions: Parametric and piecewise-smooth flow fields, Computer Vision and Image Understanding, CVIU, 63(1), pp. 75-104, Jan. 1996. (abstract)

All the papers below also use some variant of this basic technique:

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