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Rionda @ LeicaPassionDay 2010 by Andrea Podestà

I am currently a PostDoc at Stanford University, since August 2014, working under the supervision of Prof. Chris Ré on DeepDive and its application to improve scientific research in genomics.

I got my Ph.D. in Computer Science at Brown University (Providence, RI) in April 2014 under the supervision of Prof. Eli Upfal. The title of my dissertation is "Sampling-based Randomized Algorithms for Big Data Analytics". My thesis committee included Prof. Uğur Çetintemel (Brown CS), and Prof. Basilis Gidas (Brown Appl. Math.).

My Ph.D. research focused on the use of methods from statistical learning theory and probability in Big Data analytics (aka knowledge discovery, aka data mining), especially on graphs and transactional datasets, and for database management (selectivity estimation, approximation of aggregate queries), and more broadly in computer science. I have a strong belief that algorithms should provide provable guarantees on their output, and at the same time be highly practical to be used in real scenarios. I am also very interested in MapReduce and in the development of algorithms for data analytics on this and other novel computing platforms.

At Brown, I used to be a member of the Data Management Research Group and of the Theory Group. I worked on Project BIGDATA and used to work on Project Longview.

My current Erdős number is 3 (Erdős → Suen → Upfal → Matteo). I'd love to lower it to 2.

In my salad days, I used to be a FreeBSD developer (src committer) and the release engineer for FreeSBIE 2.x.


Email: rionda@cs.stanford.edu

Room: Gates 437

Address: 353 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA 94305

Twitter: @riondabsd

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