I am an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science department at Brown University. Currently, my research focuses on Big Data management and hybrid human/machine database systems. Before joining Brown, I spent 2 years as a PostDoc in the AMP Lab at UC Berkeley after receiving my PhD from ETH Zurich. At ETH, I was part of the Systems Group, where I worked on transaction management and stream processing in the cloud. I co-authored one of the first works taking a data management perspective on cloud computing and the first research paper on hybrid human/machine database systems. I received a Swiss National Science Foundation Prospective Researcher Fellowship (2010), a DAAD Scholarship (2006), a University of Sydney Master of Information Technology Scholarship for outstanding achievement (2005), the University of Sydney Siemens Prize (2005), and a VLDB best demo award (2011).

Current Research Interests

  • Infrastructure for cloud-scale analytics and machine learning
  • New consistency and concurrency control models
  • Hybrid human-machine data management systems
  • Data management in the cloud

Research Projects

In the following, a list of my current and past research projects:

  • MLBase - The Distributed Machine-Learning Management System
  • CrowdQ - Crowdsourced Query Understanding
  • MDCC - The Fastest Strong Consistent Multi-Data Center Replication Protocol
  • CrowdDB - Answering Queries with Crowdsourcing
  • PIQL - Performance Insightful Query Language
  • Cloudy/Smoky - a distributed storage and streaming service in the cloud
  • Building a database on cloud infrastructure
  • CloudBench - a benchmark for the cloud
  • Zorba - a general purpose XQuery processor implementing in C++
  • MXQuery - A lightweight, full-featured Java XQuery Engine
  • Mapping Data to Queries (MDQ) - data integration with XQuery
  • XQIB - XQuery In the Browser

Brown University
Computer Science Department
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Providence, RI 02912

Phone: +1 (510) 926-5856