Brown University
Task Force on Faculty Governance

Motions to Create, Rename and Revise
Faculty Committees

FEC Motions (Download All Motions)

  1. To Create the Academic Priorities Committee (APC)
  2. To Replace ACUP by the University Resources Committee (URC)
  3. To Revise and Rename the Committee on Faculty Reappointment and Tenure (ConFRaT) as Tenure, Promotions and Appointments Committee (TPA)
  4. To Create the University Curriculum Committee (UCC), and to Revise the College Curriculum Council (CCC), and the Graduate Council
  5. To Revise the Standing Committee on the Academic Code
  6. To Create the Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC) and the Faculty Diversity Subcommittee (FDS)
  7. To Create the Committee on Grievance
  8. To Revise the Faculty Executive Committee (FEC) and to Create the Nominations Committee for the Faculty Executive Committee (NCFEC)
  9. To Create Administrative Advisory Boards   Board Examples
  10. To authorize the Faculty Executive Committee to make cosmetic changes to Faculty Rules and Regulations as a result of Faculty Governance changes
  11. To mandate the Faculty Executive Committee to review all changes to faculty governance
  12. To empower the Faculty Executive Committee to allow continuance of existing committees

Amendment To Motion 3 Expected to be Presented

Unchanged Faculty Committees

  • Honorary Degrees Committee
  • Medical Faculty Executive Committee
  • Committee on Medical Faculty Appointment Creative Arts Council

Unchanged Non-Faculty Committees

  • University Disciplinary Committee
  • Presidential Advisory Committee on Corporate
    Responsibility in Investment
  • John Carter Brown Library Faculty Liaison

Data on Existing Committees

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