Hayley Ann Kirman


This is a running account (in reverse order) of Hayley's life, seen sometimes from the perspective of a doting father, sometimes from the perspective of an artificial intelligence researcher, and sometimes from the perspective of a dabbler in cognitive science and developmental psychology. Several people have said it was interesting enough to warrant being made more public, so I have tentatively added a few links to it from fairly public places. If you find any of this interesting, I'd love to hear from you: email jak@cs.brown.edu. Now that Hayley is getting a bit older there are parts of the diary that I am keeping private, but may put back much later. Keeping this diary up to date will help prove to myself that I am doing at least a decent job as a father.


Recommendations for software for children, and a very simple drawing program I wrote for young children.

Book recommendations

The books we have found Hayley likes most, the books I liked most as a child, and some recommendations by other people.

Video cassettes

The videos Hayley likes most.

Entertaining stories about children

Other people's stories.


The home-made and purchased devices we have found most effective.

Height and weight graphs

Hayley's height and weight, 5, 25, 50, 75 and 95 percentiles.

Odds and ends

Various bits of information, suggestions, questions.

Other sites

The NoSpan King Page has many excellent articles on discipline, children, violence and related topics. I assume the name is derived from Nosmo King :-)

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