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Little Spino

Little Spino is a book Hayley started in May of 98, with Varda. It consists of several chapters, each done in one of Hayley's visits. So far there are three chapters:
words by Varda, but Hayley said them, and pictures by Hayley and Varda

Chapter 1: Spinosaurus Grows Up

Pages 1, 1a

Page 1 Page 1a One day, a spinosaurus was born in an egg. It was a spinosaurus, but it was named "little spino" when it came out of the egg. It was a six-month-old spino, and it was not very fierce.

It could play with a lizard, very politely. You would *love* the Spino; he would not eat you.

And he was born in an egg, but he had to walk a mile to find his mother. But he could find his way; he knew the way.

Pages 2, 2a

After a couple months, he walked a lot with his mother, and hunted for long-necks with his mother, and he hunted for food with his mother. And his last name was "Brushy". And when he didn't clean his room, in the bushes near the forest, his mother would say "Little Spino Alexander Brushy!" Clean the room, or I'll clean up all the rock-toys in your room and put them in a leaf-garbage bag.

Pages 3, 3a

Soon, it was mothers' day, and he had given her a present. Her TV was broken and she had no flowers, so on Mothers' day he gave her flowers because she wanted them a lot. And she wanted a TV a lot to watch the news. And he gave her a TV to watch the news. And it was a leaf TV, just like the one that had broken. And the leaves were torn apart: that's how her TV had broken. And soon he had a friend named Antsy, and his middle name was Pandrin. And his last name was Fancy, because he was all different colors, like a rainbow. Antsy was also born in an egg, but he didn't have any parents. [added later]

Pages 4, 4a

His mother let him play with his friend a lot, and they watched television. And while they watched television, they ate guanabana sorbet. And they drew pictures. And then they went to their own houses and played for *two whole hours*. And then afterwards, they got tired and played with each other. And then Antsy started asking a lot of questions. And Little Spino said "I love you!" Antsy said: "Why do you love me", because you are my friend, and there is nothing like a friend in the world.

Pages 5, 5a

Sometimes, in Antsy's room, when she wouldn't clean her room, their Mom would say: Antsy Pandrin Fancy! Clean up your room, and she would start cleaning. The sister went out of her room and said "Where are my toy foods?" The mother said: "Clean up your room, and *then* you'll find your toy foods."
[foods of which pictures were drawn]
[foods of which no pictures were drawn]

Page 6

The End.

Special for Daddy



Saturday 09 May 1998

Chapter 2: Little Spino Goes to School

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

Chapter 3: Little Spino Goes to Bed

Chapter 4: Little Spino Wakes Up

Sunday, 31 May 1998

Page 1

One day, Little Spino was very sleepy when he woke up. His mother asked him what he wanted for breakfast. And he said that what he wanted for breakfast was a toaster strudel.

Page 2

He was eating his breakfast. He finished it in one big! bite. Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!

Page 3

He had just finished his breakfast and he was brushing his teeth when the phone rang.

His mother stopped brushing his teeth and answered the phone.

It was Little Longneck's mother. They talked on the phone for a little while, and then when Little Spino's mother got off the phone, she came back to the bathroom, and said, "I'm sorry I was so long talking on the phone."

And she started brushing the rest of his teeth.

Page 4

And she started singing, "Old MacDonald had a farm."

He started crying because he did not like that song because he thought it was icky.

His mother was surprised when she saw him crying, and he said, sniffily, "I do not like that song. Please, please, stop singing that song!"

So he started singing, "The Itsy Bitsy Spider Climbed Up The Water Spout."

She started crying because she didn't like that song. Little Spino was surprised, and she said sniffily, "Please, please stop singing that song! I do not like it!"

Page 5

And then they knew a song that they both liked. It was "I'm a little tea-pot." And they both started singing it:
I'm a little tea-pot
short and stout
here is my handle
and here's my spout.
When I get a little steamed up
hear me shout,
"Just tip me over
and pour me out."

Page 6

Special for Daddy. Varda, Hayley. Turn the page and see what's for surprise!

Page 7

We love you more than anything in the whole (w)ide world!
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