Irina Calciu

I am a researcher at VMware Research.
My recent interests include RDMA, non-volatile memory and concurrency.
At Brown, I worked with Maurice Herlihy (Brown University) and Justin Gottschlich (Intel Labs) on transactional memory, NUMA algorithms and data structures and scalable synchronization methods in general.

Contact: irina -AT- cs -DOT- brown -DOT- edu

Brown University (grad courses)

Multiprocessor Synchronization - Maurice Herlihy

Graphics - Andy Van Dam

Topics in Distributed and Parallel Computing - Maurice Herlihy

Distributed Systems - Tom Doeppner

Solving Hard Problems in Combinatorial Optimization - Pascal Van Hentenryck

Operating Systems - Tom Doeppner

Topics in Database Management (Non-standard, Web-scale Databases) - Stan Zdonik

Topics in Distributed Databases and Systems (Human-in-the-Loop Data Management) - Ugur Cetintemel

French 600 (audit)

Jacobs University Bremen (undergrad courses)

ESM1A: Single Variable Calculus (AP)

ESM2B: Linear Algebra, Fourier Probability

General Computer Science I & II (SML & Prolog)

Lab Unit Computer Science I & II (C & C++)

ESM3A: Advanced Linear Algebra, Stochastic Processes

ESM4A: Numerical Methods

Algorithms and Data Structures & Lab

Computer Architecture and Operating Systems & Lab

Formal Languages and Logic

Software Engineering & Lab

Programming in Java & Lab

Computability and Complexity

Guided Research Computer Science (B.Sc. thesis)

Linear Algebra I

Symbolic Software

General Electrical Engineering I

Perspectives of Mathematics II

Numerical Software

Applied Differential Equations and Modeling

Introduction to Parallel Programming with MPI and OpenMP

Networks and Protocols


ESM1B: Multivariable Calculus, ODE

Topics in Robotics (Grad)

Topics in Robotics B (Grad)

German A1.1, A1.2, A2.1, A2.2, B1.2

Ancient Civilizations

Introduction to Economics

Perception - The Mind's Window to the World

Global Challenges

Entrepreneurship - Start-up of an IT consulting business

Intelligent Visions