About Me

I teach computer animation at Brown University.  I focus on aesthetics and storytelling as much as technical aspects in my courses. My background is in both Computer Science and Visual Art and I was thrilled that the field of computer animation emerged as a viable career path about the same time as I graduated from college.  In addition to computer graphics, I studied children’s book illustration and experimental drawn animation and created several short films in crayon, watercolor, and a combination of computer graphics and watercolor.

Before teaching at Brown, I worked as a visual effects animator for feature films and music videos in the “wild west” days when CG production was just beginning to have a place in Hollywood. I worked with and learned from many talented CG artists,  feature film directors, visual effects supervisors, and producers. My network of contacts in industry continues to grow as many of my students follow production-related paths. Before and after Hollywood, I’ve been involved in research projects in the areas of artistic (non-photorealistic) rendering and in the use of color in computer graphics.

I live in Barrington, Rhode Island in a restored Victorian farmhouse with my husband and two sons.