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[talk] Little Tricky Logic: Misconceptions in the Understanding of LTL
[talk] Hiring Talk 2021-2022
[poster] CI Fellows 2020
[talk] Fun and Games 2
[talk] Thesis Defense
[note] Transient for Optional and Keyword Functions
[note] Transient Answers Old Questions
[talk] Shallow Typed Racket
[talk] Thesis Proposal (slides)
[pdf] Thesis Proposal
[note] PRL Offsite 2019 Retrospective
[note] The Typed Racket Optimizer vs. Transient
[talk] The Typed Racket Optimizer vs. Transient
[note] Forgetful and Heedful Contracts
[note] Writing a paper with Scribble
[note] Java and Migratory Typing
[note] Disappearing Code
[talk] Three Approaches to Gradual Typing
[talk] A Spectrum of Type Soundness and Performance
[talk] A Spectrum of Soundness and Performance
[talk] Transient Racket
[talk] Measuring Reticulated Python
[note] Example: undefined behavior in a metafunction
[note] Survey response in `Languages in Racket: A Cultural Anthropology'
[code] Reticulated Performance
[code] Gradual Typing Performance
[note] CS4500 git reference
[note] Racketeering 101
[note] Sampling Gradual Typing Performance
[note] PLT Redex FAQ
[note] Gradual Typing Across the Spectrum, part II
[note] Quotes and Stories from 'Turing 50'
[note] Type Tailoring
[note] Building a Website with Scribble
[note] Soft Typing
[note] Languages as Dotfiles
[note] Datalog for Static Analysis
[note] ESP: Path-Sensitive Verification
[note] The IFDS framework
[note] A Few Cores too Many
[talk] On Gradual Typing Performance
[note] Tutorial: Zero to Sixty in Racket
[note] Summary: CBN, CBV, and the λ Calculus
[note] Craig Interpolation
[note] Summary: Kildall's Algorithm
[code] trivial: Observably Improved Type Checking
[talk] A Case for Sound Gradual Typing
[note] CompCert Tutorial
[talk] A #lang For All Seasons
[code] Interactive Poetry Editor
[talk] Position Paper: Performance Evaluation for Gradual Type Systems
[note] Coinduction Tutorial
[talk] Parametric Polymorphism through run-time sealing
[note] Logical Relations Tutorial
[code] zordoz: Racket Bytecode Explorer
[code] Java Corpus
[talk] Materials and Shapes
[code] OCaml Command Line Interface
[talk] From Parametricity to Conservation Laws
[talk] Full Reductions at Full Throttle
[note] Calendar Computations